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Termite and Powder Post Beetle activity in the crawlspace. Posted 1/29/2022

Well Inspection Flow Meter. Posted 1/11/2021

This is how Hometown Inspections does Well Inspections/ Flow Test. Posted 11/11/2020

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Bathroom Ceiling vents should always vent outside. Posted 4/1/2020

How to find the date on your hvac equipment. Posted 3/27/2020

Exterior Door won’t latch. Posted 3/25/2020

These steps are a trip hazard! Here is why. Posted 3/23/2020

Performing a well inspection. Posted 1/30/2020

Checking out a leaking drain. Posted 1/23/2020

Checking out a damaged linoleum floor. Posted 1/22/2020

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Is your front door lock safe? Posted 1/20/2020

How to find your Air Conditioner/Furnace Filter. Posted 1/18/2020

Is your water TOO Hot? Posted 1/17/2020

Deck Railing Standards and Inspection. Posted 1/16/2020

Dryer Vent to close to outside AC unit. Posted 1/15/2020

The Cable Company Left A Mess in This Clean Crawlspace. Posted 1/14/2020

Exposed Nails on roof = Regular maintenance. Posted 1/13/2020

Siding, Soffit, and Fascia Inspection. Posted 1/11/2020

Are your gutters helping or hurting your home? Posted 1/10/2020

Inspecting a window top to bottom. posted 1/9/2020

Is your crawlspace healthy? Looking at a clean and tidy crawlspace posted 1/8/2020

On Location describing proper deck support post. Posted 1/7/2020

Dangerous Defects Hidden in your Electrical Panel. Posted 1/6/2020

What’s wrong with this vent flashing? Posted 1/4/2020

Keep the trees off your roof. Posted 1/3/2020

Dryer vents insect screen. Posted 1/2/2020

Water heater TPR valve explained. Posted 12/31/2019

inspecting your roof. posted 12/30/2019

How we inspect your sump pump. posted 12/28/2019

How to maintain your garbage disposal. posted 12/27/2019

When is my deck required to have a railing? posted 12/24/2019

How to test your GFCI outlets. posted 12/23/2019

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