Septic System Inspection

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Septic System Inspection

This is the most comprehensive septic inspection available!

A septic system receives, treats and disposes of unwanted wastewater and solids from a building’s plumbing system. Solids are partially broken down into sludge within a septic tank and are separated from effluent (water) and scum (fat, oil and grease). Effluent regularly exits the tank into a drain field where it is naturally filtered by bacteria and reentered into the groundwater. Scum and sludge must be pumped periodically and should never enter the drain field.

Your Septic Inspection will include:

  • Homeowner/Occupant Interview: We will attempt to gather information from the current occupant regarding household water usage.
  • Physical Inspection: Locate tank, determine tank composition, determine water level, check flow from house, probe tank for cracks, and locate absorption area.
  • Final Report: Comprehensive documentation of observations and findings.

Septic Tank Effluent Chamber

Scoping the drain field

Our Septic Inspection Pricing


Includes: Comprehensive septic system report along with photo images of underground piping. Hydraulic load test if water on site, fiber optic camera scope of drain field if accessible, excavation of distribution box if accessible.

Potential Problems

  • Faulty Alarms
  • Broken Baffles
  • Full or nearly full drain fields and drywells
  • Unleveled distribution boxes
  • Clogged or broken lines
  • Metal Tanks
  • Leaking Concrete Tanks
  • Slow drainage
  • Heavy solids in tanks
  • Faulty Pumps
  • Faulty Floats
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