Well System Inspection

Well System Inspection with Water Quality Testing and Water Flow Test

What is a well inspection?

During an inspection, the inspector will test the water system and check it for volume and pressure. They will look at the well to make sure it is properly constructed and compliant. A typical inspection normally takes 1 ½ to 2 hours, and we run the water for up to an hour as needed.

How often should you have your well inspected?

Private well water should be tested a minimum of once per year. Drinking water supplies obtained from shallow wells and surface water sources should be tested more frequently (i.e. seasonally), as they are more susceptible to contamination. It is important to test your drinking water at the tap and at the source.

Our Well Inspection Pricing


Includes: Inspection of all visible well components, 1 hour functional water flow test, and water quality testing. See Water Quality Testing for more information

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