Well Water Health Check

Well Water Health Check

Does your drinking water come from a well?

Consider having your well water tested annually.  A water test will ensure your water is safe to drink.  If contaminants are found in your water, you will have the knowledge to tank action.

Your water test will include collection of your water sample by our trained water sampler, and a lab analysis performed by a state certified testing lab.

Your water test will include lab testing for:

Bacteria E. Coli and Total Coliform, Nitrates, Nitrites, Sand, Turbidity, pH, Iron and Lead.

You will receive your lab analysis report within 10 business days of collection.

Water Sample + Lab Test Pricing: $295.00

Additional Well Water Services

  • Well system evaluation and 30 minute water flow test

Your well system is vital to your home. Consider adding a well system evaluation to your water testing.  We will perform a visual inspection of all readily available well components.  We will also perform a 30 min water flow test of your well.  This will measure the gallons per minute produced by your well pump and alert you to any low water flow issues.

Price: Additional $100.00

  • Arsenic Water Test:

This is a lab analysis for the presence of arsenic in your water

Price: Additional $75.00

  • Radon Water Test

This is a lab analysis for the presence of Radon gas in your water

Price: Additional $175.00

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